Wednesday, June 8, 2011

God Loves Us! So Don't Give Up!

I was in White House yesterday and we were talking with a lady who has been going through some hard times in her life. We had previously been going over and trying to strengthen her faith and help her see the positive in life. When we showed up yesterday she was in a way better mood than normal. We asked her how things were going. She began to tell us a story of how after months and months of struggling financially she got all of her bills paid off. We asked her how it happened. She said that some of her family that lives with her were blessed to get jobs a few weeks ago. She told us that that wasn't enough though. She said that some how God had provided for her. She said that she had been staying up late every night just praying and asking God to provide for her and her family and to get her out of this situation. Then a few weeks ago she felt that maybe God was tired of hearing her and that maybe she should give up. But she kept praying and kept on working to get the bills paid. Then a miracle occurred and she pulled it off some how. She was so grateful and happy that God had provided for her.

I thought of how this has worked in my life. At times I want things so bad and it seems like I am never going to get them. I keep praying and working hard doing the things that God asks of me and then my answer comes. The answers always come when we are ready for them. At times they come when it seems we are ready to break but God always provides. It is just up to us to keep working hard and not to doubt. Satan loves to get us to doubt because that weakens our faith and causes us to miss out on the good gifts from God. We have to hold strong and stay focused on our goals and desires. When we have done all that we think we can do our loving Heavenly Father will step in and do the rest. He will grant us our righteous desires. We just have to know that all things are done according to God's will and pleasure.

I know that God loves us. I know that he will provide for his faithful children that cling to him before, during, and after their trials. We should pray and tell God our desires, we should ask him for help when things get hard, and most of all we should continue to thank him for the things he provides us with. I know that God will provide for our needs we just need to rely on him.

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